The Custom Process

Oh, I've got plenty of time. Oh, you've got light in your eye.

So, how does this all work?

My goal is for the design process to the the most joyful part of the wedding planning experience and to make your wedding feel completely you. Same goes for big life or charity events. I do those too.
How do we do that?
First we meet and determine if it's love.
This is where I listen to your vision, ask some questions, tell you some ideas and information, and we figure out if we’re the right fit for each other. If you like what I've made before, you will love what we make together. But if you're interested in a different aesthetic than mine (and that is cool!), I am not the right person for you (and that is cool too!). You'll tell me how you met and fell in love, fun things you celebrate as a couple, things from your family heritage or hometown you want to highlight, the names and birth signs of your pets. You'll tell me the venue, your color palette, the vibe you're going for... you'll send me any Inspo you have (but don't even think about asking me to copy someone else's work).
I have done many different custom paintings and designs, but weddings are how I realized this was my calling, and designing the art story of your wedding and coupledom will forever be my happy place. When it comes to weddings, if there is a question about whether or not to do something, I say let’s go for it. Make it you.

Then we get to the investment.
No two weddings or commissions are alike. Pricing is driven by the paper and printing costs and how involved the design work is. Weddings are crazy expensive, and I understand the paper and art are but one piece of them.
To give you a sense:
  • Save the dates start around $2,000 for a moderate wedding and $3,000 for a larger wedding.
  • Wedding and event invitation suites (invitation, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, addressed envelopes) start around $6,000 for a moderate wedding and $12,000 for a larger, more complex wedding. Additional considerations include details cards, liners, letter pressing, hand-addressing, etc.
  • Day of paper products can range but start around $3,000 for moderate weddings.
Then we get to the good stuff - designing!
You can be as involved or uninvolved in this process as you want. I love collaborating throughout, and I also love getting to know your vision really well at the beginning and then doing my thing and showing you something that blows your mind at the end. I send some ideas and we narrow down what you like or don't like until we get to the final resting spot. If you’re up for it, I like to keep in touch over text while I’m working on items so that you can see progress and make quick decisions on what you love or don’t.

Et voila!
By the end, we are BFF and the art we have created together is an extension of your very soul.

So what’s the timing?
It all depends. Since 99% of what I do is custom, I work with you on your timeline, and it also depends on what I have slotted already into the calendar. Below are some general guidelines:
  • Custom artwork is 1-2 months depending on my workload
  • Weddings: each part of the process takes 1-2 months.
  • For save the dates, we'll want to chat between 9-12 months ahead so we can get the Save the Date out in the 6-9 month window. You'll want to allow more time for destination or holiday weekend weddings.
  • For the invite suite, 6-8 months before for a wedding suite and 3-4 months before for day-of and weekend-of items. If it’s the whole shebang, the earlier the better so we can really get it planned and organized.
  • Worried I'm booked? Don't be. Always reach out! You never know, I like to say yes to things.

Need something yesterday?
I can always rush something. Just ask and we can see what needs to be done.